Going home without being attacked should be taken for granted, because losing the pleasure to walk and living the road is a limitation of the freedom of each of us. 

Viola. is an Italian start-up that aims to tackle gender violence and to create a safe space for people across the world, through our app that harness the daily use of phones to improve street safety.



prefers not to go out at home in the evening

feel insecurity when she goes out alone

How people act
in hard times and what tools they use

Which people would they call and if they happened to call​

How security could be improved

What emotions she/he feels when she/he goes out alone.

How people are assisted in those moments.​

The perception of safety in the city between men and women is very different.

Hearing someone's voice is a strong help in that moment of loneliness.

There are moment of the night where rather than disturbing at a certain hour koi prefer to risk and come back alone among doubts and fears.

To call means to be safe to distract from a moment of anxiety and fear.

For a man to know that his companion is a she is back is essential.

A service that works 24h would cover guarantee and survive for all the lacks and gaps that society has.


Viola’s key point will be the recorded video calls, because they guarantee digital legal testimony as well as help. Our users by calling a volunteer or friends from the home page, will thus be able to be assisted in those moments of difficulty, and return home in complete serenity.


During the call we could activate the SOS only in an extreme case of necessity by pressing the button from those who participate, a direct contact with the police. 

 We can also choose the route we want to take thanks to the Viola maps, without having to leave the app to continue talking with our friends. In the future, the Viola’s point will be important as they will guarantee safety to citizens while they’re walking.


The Viola system will also include the help of volunteers who will accompany our users. In order to have a safe service, the application of the volunteers themselves will be free but only after completing an awareness and training course, with relative test, that they will be able to exercise the role and above all choose the time slot they prefer during the day.


To allow the system to be even more secure, the user must build the friend list, accessing the profile section where he can share the link of request to the specific person, privately.
Also from the profile we could have the information on the latest calls, location thanks to geolocation, manage friendships, if something we wanted to change and review the recording of the video call that, after 24h from the failure to sos it will erase.


For Viola it is essential to know the state of our streets and cities, and the data collection will be carried out by filling in a form at each place
visited, where any problems that could be underlined and modified, such as lighting.
This is important that both volunteers and users do it to communicate with institutions and create a dialogue to build safer streets for all.


Viola’s strength lies in the video call, not only for emergency, but as prevention, as intimidation, and as risk reduction shock and no acting.
A true stance towards a change in society, more inclusive,
safer and more humane.