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Oval Money, where online banking, savings, investments and financial learning all come together as one. Our task was to redesign the Coach section, to make it more appealing and engaging for the user.






Oval Money

Project Overview

Final education is a problematic issue in Italy.
We decided to examine it by handing out Typerforms and interviewing people. What we wanted to discover was how much people knew about financial matters, what they knew, how interested they were, what they would've liked to learn and in what way.


of interviewees referred deeply caring about sustainability


would use a platform to learn more about finance


the results of a self-assestment test on knowledge of financial matters


Many of the people who were interviewed or surveyed had similar experiences regarding the world of finance and financial learning. We gathered those testimonies and came to brief insights that express, in a nutshell, how this field is perceived overall, and how we can improve to change people’s opinion.

People prefer watching short videos or reading short articles to learn about things.

Finance is a difficult topic for most, so it must be handled with simplicity.

The lack of time makes it harder for people to actually look for information

There is interest in the topic, but the user must be kept engaged for it to show up.

Having all information needed grouped into a single app make the users happier.

The serious and cold approach often used in finance scares off many people.


28 yo


Mattia is currently studying Modern Languages in Florence. He is extremely curious and is often on social media to look for news and other possible interesting topics. During his research he discovered the field of finance and suddenly decided to learn more about it. Still, he doesn’t know where and how to get his information. Having to study a lot, he doesn’t have time for long researches, so he’d like to have a complete and trustworthy source to consult.

28 yo


find out more about finance
learn new things everyday


find a valuable source
satisfy his curiosity in a fun way

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote interest and incentivate financial education by engaging and motivating lessons with various and easy formats, mixed in with a socially responsible mechanism of gamification. One of our strenghts, moreover, is being a complete and trustworthy platform. Users won’t have to spend countless hours surfing the web and looking for information on tons of different websites. Oval Coach will be their safe space, where they’ll be able to get the piece of information they want and to be constantly up to date with the latest news in no time.

Vocabulary & Lessons

The Coach section contains a practical vocabulary where the user will be able to add words learned during the lessons and revise the ones already in it.
Learning is the true focus of Oval Coach. We pride on having fun, varied and simple lessons that will engage the user and improve their financial knowledge. The use of different formats never fails to amuse and make the overall experience lighter and unforgettable.

Oval truly
goes green

“Treedom is the first platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree from a distance and follow the story of the project online. It directly finances agroforestry projects throughout the territory.

The philosophy is to realize sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities over time.”
Oval Coach partners with Treedom and, by allowing users to earn points and grow their tree, gives out a donation to the website that will plant a tree once their “Oval tree” is complete.
Through this mechanism the user will have an incentive to learn
and complete quizzes.

The “Oval tree” is, hence, a strong and powerful metaphor.
The growth of our knowledge will translate into the growth of trees and forests, making the world a greener and better place.